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April 9, 2007

Much More Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the first Smoking Politics Blog Talk Radio Show Wednesday April 11 at NOON EST! (Rescheduled)

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Entries below this were originally posted at Huffington Post by Dave Johnson and James Boyce.

April 11, 2007

Introducing Smoking Politics. And Our Mission To End The Right Wing Strategy Of Fear and $mear

Today, we are launching a new web site, and a new radio show, and continuing a passion and partnership that has been developing over the past year. The site is Smoking Politics and on it we will track, expose and fight back - hard - every single day against the right's strategy of Fear and $mear. We will also host a weekly BlogTalkRadio show, The Smoking Politics Radio Hour, with our first show today at noon Eastern, 9:00 am Pacific. We will be taking calls.

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Why do we call this project "Smoking Politics?" Because the origins of the conservative strategy of Fear and $mear come out of the golden age of the tobacco companies. The tobacco companies learned that with the right combination of psychological persuasion tactics and media budget that literally anything could be marketed to the American public.

They were so good that they could persuade people to kill themselves - and to hand over their money while they did it. The right saw the success of this strategy - and noted the total lack of facts and morals involved and decided - if people will pay to smoke, maybe they could be convinced to support a right-wing agenda which was equally deadly. Maybe they could actually convince blue-collar workers to accept the right-wing agenda that asked them to give up their health care and pensions so CEOs could buy bigger jets? So they took these tactics into the political realm.

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April 18, 2007


Help us with our efforts to stop the smears!

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May 17, 2007

Al Gore Stands Up. Time Cover Story On "The Assault On Reason" Is Out.

This morning, thanks to our friends at "Time" we have just seen a glimpse into what we believe is one of the most important political books of the year, Al Gore's, "The Assault On Reason."

This cover story article is fair, balanced and great insight into both Al Gore and the new book.

Of course, this will also start the attacks - but what you see is a man who knows what's right, what to do and how to fight - not to mention what he is fighting far.

It will be interesting to watch the attacks, because they have to make him an object of ridicule.

Why? Well, here's a quote from a tobacco executive:

"Our offensive strategy is to shoot the messenger."

And here's the perfect example from this morning.

John Edwards wants to end the war in Iraq. Mike Huckabee wants to make fun of his haircut. That's pathetic.

Smoking Politics on The Mario Solis Marich Show

James Boyce from will be on The Mario Solis Marich Show today at 4:30 PM Eastern/1:30 PM Pacific to talk about Al Gore's forthcoming book The Assault on Reason and the imminent distract-and-attack smear campaign from the right.

Mario is noted as "The first Nationally Syndicated Latino Political talk show host in the Country." You can listen to the show on his website here.

May 18, 2007

ExxonMobil: Practice Made Perfect.

There is no clearer example of how the strategy of using front groups to create doubt and distraction about the facts is used to great effect than the efforts of the oil companies to create doubt about Global Warming.

Publicly, and even in their own advertising, oil companies will tout their 'alternative energy programs' and their dedicated to the environment. Privately, the story is the opposite.

Today, Laurie David has called out ExxonMobil and the $2.1 million they gave to groups who pay to create doubt about global warming. Read her post here.

Important to remember:

the strategy of using front groups is a core part of the strategy - this is ExxonMobil paying someone else to argue on their behalf - but since they are arguing lies, ExxonMobil can't do it directly; hence the front group.

May 31, 2007

Smoking Politics - Why?

There was a time when this country worked to solve its problems.

There was a time in this country when political campaigns were about issues and solutions and ideas.

There was a time when our legislators honestly debated, and minds could be changed, and bipartisan laws could be passed.

There was a time when America was seen as an honest broker for peace, even in the Middle East. And there was even a time when there were solar panels on roof of the White House.

Ronald Reagan - the "Marlboro Man" - took office as President in 1981 - 26 years ago! That means that people under 40 today don't even remember a time when America "worked" and took care of its people and paid its bills. They don't remember a time when the people rather than the corporations and the rich made the decisions. And it especially means that they don't remember a time when campaigns were about anything other than cheap psychological tricks and smears.

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