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Far-Right Lashes Out At . . . C-SPAN?

Lest you think the far-right smear machine is reserved for cynical campaign strategy, take note of the recent attacks on C-SPAN, the cable public service channel known best for airing live coverage of government proceedings.

C-SPAN aired portions of Talkers Magazine's "New Media Seminar" at which far-right talk radio shock-jock Michael Savage was presented a Freedom of Speech Award. Brian Lamb on C-SPAN

Savage's acceptance speech was not aired by C-SPAN, apparently because the talk show host didn't actually appear to give a speech, but instead sent a DVD recording of his speech that was shown to the attendees.

Some of Savage's listeners and fans felt that C-SPAN's decision not to air the presentation of a pre-recorded speech shown to an audience on a DVD was the equivalent of blacklisting, the airing of much of the two day event notwithstanding.

On Friday morning's Washington Journal, host Brian Lamb read through a series of emails he received at Savage's request. His listeners accuse Brian Lamb and C-SPAN in general of being a "dickhead, "nazi," "stalinist," "bed-wetting commies, "liberal ass loser communist," and, of course, "probably a homosexual."

Even a casual C-SPAN viewer is aware that the station regularly broadcasts events from right-wing organizations such as the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Repeating claims of a mythical liberal media bias is one thing, but this is a case of the far-right viciously attacking a public service station for not supporting the conservative agenda enough.

Think Progress has the video

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