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Paul Loeb: The Haircut that Won't Die

Paul Loeb, author of The Impossible Will Take a Little While: A Citizen's Guide to Hope in a Time of Fear, has a great article at the Huffington Post called The Haircut That Won't Die. Loeb's conclusion nails it:

In a culture that wasn't so distracted to death, and where men like Karl Rove weren't weaving a constant fabric of distortions, the issues like the Edwards haircut would be irrelevant. But until American voters unequivocally reject such manufactured distractions, candidates can't prevail against these kinds of attacks by simply ignoring them. They need to respond as clearly, comprehensively, and saliently as possible, while highlighting the bankruptcy of the politics represented by those who would promote them. Only then will they have a chance to address the real issues that we face.

It's up to us, the American public, to put an end to this kind of vapid attack, the smoking politics. The back room consultants that are concocting these distractions aren't going to stop until they hear loud and clear that we're not buying it. It's time we let them know.

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