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Haircuts on Hotline

Does John Edwards' haircut matter? Marc Ambinder at Hotline thinks so.

The fact is, if you're in politics and you talk about poverty, extra attention will be paid to the manner in which you display your personal wealth -- whether, by dint of expensive haircuts and mammoth homes, you spend the money you earn and don't care about "what it looks like."

Ambinder defends this nonsense with a tired cop-out - it's not fair, but whatcha gonna do?

But despite what Ambinder might think, people are not interested in this type of meaningless mudslinging. The comments are dominated by readers saying the same thing - who cares about John Edwards' hair?

This whole coverage by Hotline and AP is insane. They simply don't get it. According to Hotline: As a self made millionaire Edwards is supposed to either shutup and not talk about poverty OR should not live in a large house. What a logic!

Americans are fed up with the smear campaigns. We're not stupid. We want an intelligent conversation about the issues. From another commenter:
Has it every occured to you to report the policy proposals that Edwards has brought forth? The reason this BS hasn't cut into his lead in Iowa, is because Iowans are smart enough to read in between the lines...

Hotline's commenters get it. What's it going to take for their bloggers to catch up?

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Isn't the point of helping the poor to raise their living conditions? Being a millionaire is not a sin, living well is not a sin; refusing to do anything that might help out your fellow man, or even actively engaging in policies designed to hold them down. . . that's a sin.

And as for Al Gore, the same rules basically apply. Nowhere in his writing or speaking does he say you have to live like an Eco-Jesus. You simply have to take into account what carbon you create compared to your way of living. Al Gore's actually selling power back to the electric company, for god's sake!

But what is really terrible is the inability of Democrats to get this point across. People say it doesn't matter, but the Republicans are slinging the mud and the Republicans are winning presidential elections. Yes, I think it does matter.

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