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ExxonMobil: Practice Made Perfect.

There is no clearer example of how the strategy of using front groups to create doubt and distraction about the facts is used to great effect than the efforts of the oil companies to create doubt about Global Warming.

Publicly, and even in their own advertising, oil companies will tout their 'alternative energy programs' and their dedicated to the environment. Privately, the story is the opposite.

Today, Laurie David has called out ExxonMobil and the $2.1 million they gave to groups who pay to create doubt about global warming. Read her post here.

Important to remember:

the strategy of using front groups is a core part of the strategy - this is ExxonMobil paying someone else to argue on their behalf - but since they are arguing lies, ExxonMobil can't do it directly; hence the front group.

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Since when does engaging in scientific arguments become "arguing lies?" And Laurie David has a mind on a par with Paris Hilton or Sheryl Crow. Judging from your blogroll, the truth has got to be half the story.

And since you're anti-corporate, you must be telling the truth? Getting any money from Soros or other "truthiness" sources?

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