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Jimmy Carter's Thoughtful Response

Earlier this week, we posted on the right wing attacks on Jimmy Carter and his new book.

This morning in the LA Times, Jimmy Carter crafted a remarkably thoughtful and intelligent reply to the charges leveled against him in his first few days of his book tour.

As we are attempting to shed light on the right wing strategy of smearing Democratic and Progressive leaders, we encourage everyone to watch the right wing reaction to President Carter's opinion piece after you've read it; noticing that the discussions of the personal charges against him are just a small fraction of the piece.

However, this is what the right wing will jump on in an effort to continue the smear - a smear we remind you that was made by a random unknown caller to C-SPAN. By focusing the coverage on the smear, namely "Carter Responds To Anti-Semite Charge" they can continue to push the "two sides of the story" meme which is false.

Slowly, other newspapers and non-right wing media will feel the need to show the two sides - somewhere someone will ask the question, "Is Jimmy Carter an anti-Semite? We'll tell you what both sides are saying."

The coverage will include the quote from Speaker-Elect Nancy Pelosi who fell into the smearing strategy when she commented that President Carter does not speak for the Democratic Party on Israel. Of course, he doesn't, that's insane - he hasn't held elected office for twenty-six years. We should be careful, as a party, of using right wing memes to attack our own.

When one side is the truth, the other side is a lie. But that's not how this coverage will develop and continue.

Let's watch and learn together.

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